Our Sunday Flea Market  has a number of  food vendors as well as local restaurants serving outstanding food from around the world. Yes we have Pretzels, Hotdogs (Sabrett,Deep Fry or Corn Dogs),Shishkabob(beef,chicken or pork), Ice Cream, Italian Ices, , Pickles on stick. Tacos,Empinados, Chicken Nuggets, Corn on the Cob and thats just the beginning...

Looking for  unusual Food Vendors . Need food vendors for special events or parties Call  Bob 973-789-1106 and we will put you together with one or more of our fabulous food vendors. They all have multiple location capabilities 7 days a week.email:VendorsAmerica@aol.com

Bob Brumale
Bob on Solon Pond,Taylor,NY
Bob Brumale  Coke Truck
Bob's Coke Truck